Friday, December 10, 2010

Auntie Leila's Sink Link Party

This is for the linky party at Like Mother Like Daughter.
Sorry for the iPhone pictures, but I knew if I didn't just get it done quick, it wouldn't ever get done!
Sadly, this is the way this area usually looks. I have a hard time getting those last few items put away, and that makes it that much easier to let it get messy again. I did find inspiration, though! The frame that says Owen was made by a friend when my son was born. It has been in that spot for at least two months. I have thought about taking it to his room, but I like looking at it! A few days ago I found our digital photo frame hiding under the couch and decided it would be great in this spot. Something nice to look at while I do the dishes.

The speaker on the left is for my phone. It charges the phone quick and I can listen to podcasts -or Christmas music- while I work. This little project made me realize putting something on the wall back there would help, too.
As far as flow, I have dirty stuff on the right and clean on the left. This only makes sense because the dishwasher is on the left and the disposal is in the right side. My husband can't really get with the program on this. He went to culinary school for a while and they always had three sinks and went left to right. He will put dirty dishes in the left sink even when there are clean ones in there!
My dishes are on the other side of the kitchen. I am trying to think of a way to get my 3 year old to unload the dishwasher, but the dishes are kind of far away! And my fiestaware will definitely break on the tile floor.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is a few months old, but I just found it. He was enjoying watching himself on the screen.
Please ignore the mess in the background!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheap(er) Gas

What's wrong with this picture?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are here in Harrison, AR now, and trying to get settled in. It seems like a nice little town, although it does have some dirty secrets. That is a post for another time, all I will say now is that the movers (who were black) were warned that it wasn't safe for them to be out after dark. Also, small children stared at them in wonder at the hotel they stayed in.
Anywho, the new condo is small, and our stuff will not fit at all. There are boxes and paper everywhere! I made a (hopefully) before video. Ian really likes to play outside now. There is some bark right outside the front door that he likes to play in. Maybe i will put the video of that up in a few days.
Here it is:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Sale

One handmade entertainment center. Very large. Baby not included.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Serious Post

I am feeling pretty low lately. We are moving to Arkansas. I try to actually follow that saying that if you can't say something nice, you shouldn't say anything at all. So...

moving on...

I just read this post from Morgan. I remember that time, too. Rebecca came over to my house to tell me about Amanda with another friend of ours. I was trying on outfits to wear somewhere, don't remember where. She told me they had driven by Amanda's house and seen lots of people, police cars, etc. I said, no way, that can't be true. You're wrong. 

One of my best friends was standing on my doorstep crying because a friend had committed suicide, and I flat out refused to believe her. I am not proud of that moment. I remember walking back upstairs to my room, but I don't know what I did after that. 

The next day at school was crazy. My boyfriend and I, and some friends left school in the middle of the day and went to eat - I think at Waffle House. It was crazy.

Amanda had been in a car accident the year before. She suffered a severe brain injury. She was in a coma for six weeks. I never went to visit her. I am not proud of that, either. She came back to school at some point - I don't remember if it was that year or the next. She went to cheerleading camp with us that summer. Less than a year after the accident. At the time I didn't realize how amazing that was. I know now.

That all happened in 1997-1998. Fast forward to November 12, 2004. I answer a phone call from my hysterical mother in law. She is telling my that my husband was in a car accident and the hospital won't tell her anything, just that she should come back from North Carolina. Mackey was in a head on collision. He was combative with the ER staff so they had to sedate him. He didn't wake up from the sedation for at least four days. I can't remember exactly. I remember other things. Like standing by his bed rubbing his arm the way he likes, hoping to bring him comfort.

Mackey was at Atlanta Medical Center for two weeks. I called the Shepherd Center, and thankfully they took him. He was there for another two weeks, then went to out patient care. At the Shepherd Center, he had the same doctor as Amanda - Dr. Donald P. Leslie. He is a great doctor. Praise the Lord, Mackey has had an awesome recovery. He also suffered a severe brain injury, but it was nowhere near as bad as Amanda's. Her sister and my sister worked together for a few years (at CGHS), and I found out more details about the severity of her injuries.

Mackey still struggles with the aftermath of his brain injury. And so do I, but in a different way. When I think about what he has been through, and what she must have gone through, I am so sad. I wish I had been a better friend, tried harder, something. To think that she was back at school less than a year later is absolutely unbelievable. Learning new things is extremely difficult after a brain injury. Relearning what you already know is hard, but new learning is another layer of difficulty.

Mackey was constantly being asked if he ever thought about suicide. He did not, and even got annoyed by the question. Apparently the suicide rate is really high after brain injuries. Amanda was only 17, Mackey was 26 - a very different place in life. The psychologist at Shepherd told me that the brain definitely heals for two years after an injury, and probably up to five years after. Someone I know told me her daughter showed improvement for even longer.

I am not exactly sure why I am rehashing all this. Well, maybe I do. Maybe God is reminding me that He is good. He was so faithful to me during my darkest time. I truly could not have handled that experience on my own. My prayers were answered. 

And so I should pray now, for strenth, for courage. To feel His presence in my loneliness.

Something good about Arkansas: I will get to actually live with my husband again, instead of him visiting on weekends. He has been traveling every week for a while now, and with the new job we will be together everyday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Very first CVS trip

Okay, so this is not my first trip to CVS, it is my first try on getting stuff free! I think I did pretty good. $48.54 of merchandise, for $24.64. I saved $23.90!